Tokyo S.O.S.

Episode 01: Weapons And Warehouses
Featuring an crap-load of mercenaries!

Greetings superiors!

This is Captain Shalua Rei with your mission report from 10/26/2013. The first mission of the newly reformed elite S.D.F. team!

Primary mission: Infiltrate a warehouse full of armed and dangerous mercenaries and put a stop to their operations which include importing various high powered weapons, explosives and equipment, as well as distribution of said weapons. [CLASSIFICATION: SUCCESS]

Secondary mission: Learn where the weapons are being distributed to and shut down that operation as well. [CLASSIFICATION: SUCCESS]

Detailed report: The new team (consisting of K the sniper, Ren the psychic, and Regina the dragonborn telepath) met together and were briefed thoroughly on the intel the S.D.F. had collected prior to the mission. They evaluated the situation and decided to attempt a distract-and-strike technique. Ren and Regina handed out flyers for a karaoke war to all neighboring businesses before heading to the target location. Once there, they assaulted a hostile that opened the door with flyers! While he was distracted K (who had been positioned across the street) began taking shots with a requisitioned sniper rifle. It didn’t take long for the entire group of mercenaries to be felled expertly by the team. They show a lot of promise! There was an incident with a grenade exploding but it was well contained and the team even managed to score a suspect for interrogation.

K attempted to find out what she could via a phone trace but had little luck. Regina showed some real initiative though and used her abilities to intimidate the suspect and turn his lies back on him. It wasn’t long before he spilled the beans and gave up the entire plan.

Apparently the initial group of mercenaries received a shipment of weapons, then would take a small delivery truck out in the middle of the night on a highway in Shibuya. A much larger truck would make a few loops waiting for the small truck to pull up behind it, flash its lights three times, and then the larger truck would drop its backdoor so the smaller truck could drive inside of it to complete the delivery.

The team decided to use a vehicle of their own to fake the delivery and get into the truck. Colonel Rika Storm was requested, and she volunteered her personal vehicle (something that would prove to be a bad idea later). The team met with the truck, and made their way inside. When the truck arrived at the destination they exploded out of it while K stayed in the back of the truck offering suppressing fire. Rika’s car didn’t make it very far before running into crates of rifles that had been piled up only a few meters away from the loading bay. The enemies turned on the vehicle and fired as most of the team was stuck inside! Luckily they made it out before the explosion but Ren took a bit of a fall.

Rika s supra

After that the team managed to subdue the mercenaries and due to Rika’s location trace we were able to infiltrate the structure afterwards, apprehend the boss, and shut down their organization. Rika had been devastated over the loss of her prized race car, but Regina kindly offered to pay for a new vehicle.

This concludes the first mission report of the elite S.D.F. team by Captain Shalua Rei.


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