Japan Defense Agency

The Japan Defense Agency (J.D.A.) is responsible for training and deploying the men and women serving in the military of Japan. The organization has numerous branches and resources available all over the world. It primarily relies on volunteers to increase its numbers, however when certain individuals are discovered to have special abilities or talents they may be conscripted to serve their country whether they like it or not. This is primarily only applicable to a special branch of the J.D.A. known as the Japan Self-Defense Force (S.D.F.).

J.D.A. Headquarters

The J.D.A. maintains a positive image to the citizens of Japan. The building that the J.D.A. is based out of even has several publicly accessible shops on its ground level. However the building’s main purpose is hiding the S.D.F.’s Tokyo base deep underground.

In 2006 there was a movement to have the J.D.A. become a cabinet-level ministry of the Government of Japan though it never happened. Today the J.D.A. maintains independence from any government ties, though it does receive its funding from a number of various international government agencies and organizations for work done within the communities of Japan and abroad.

Japan Defense Agency

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