Japanese Self-Defense Force

The Japanese Self-Defense Force (S.D.F.) is a subsidiary of the Japan Defence Agency (J.D.A.).


While the J.D.A. oversees the overall protection of Japan, the S.D.F. is given specific locations, people, or objects to keep safe. The largest and most well-known branch of the S.D.F. is located in Tokyo, Japan where an elite team made up of anywhere from three to five recruits strives to protect the city from any and all threats either to the people of the city or to the city itself.

The S.D.F. is a surprisingly well-funded organization that manages to maintain a level of technological prowess unusual to other government agencies. Their technological roster includes everything from super computers to submarines, and spaceships to procured alien devices. Every item in their catalog is available for use by the elite S.D.F. teams.

As protection of the city requires a wealth of resources, and because the threats to the city are not always discreet the J.D.A. has had to step forward and reveal the S.D.F.’s existence, as well as the role it plays in keeping Japan and her people protected from harm. Every S.D.F. member is given a special badge that allows them access to every location in the city at any time. Members of the community are urged to support the S.D.F. members in any way possible to ensure that the team is able to perform its duties to the best of their abilities.

There have been numerous elite teams operating within the S.D.F. as time has passed. Some have been regarded as heroes, others have saved the world only to never have been noticed. Recently the team assigned to protect Tokyo had a dangerous run-in with the vile Produce Bomber Gang which uses vegetables and other produce to conceal explosives and firearms which they use to wreak havoc and destruction. Unfortunately the team lost a member in the fight and due a concern for their stress and elevated emotional states the team was ultimately dispersed and broken up into alternate branches of the S.D.F.

A new team has been chosen, and a new leader has been found to guide them in their fight against the dangers of the universe. What kind of team will they be? Will they be heroes, corrupt vigilantes, or will they fade into history without so much as a “thank you”? Only time will tell.

Japanese Self-Defense Force

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