Tokyo is the capital of Japan. The largest metropolitan area in the world. The seat of the Japanese government. The home of the Japanese Imperial Family. The population exceeds thirteen million people.

In recent years Tokyo has been under attack. No one seems to know why, but the mood in the city is as if Tokyo has a target on its back. There seems to be no rhyme or reason but it is clear that everyone wants to either dominate or destroy Tokyo.


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The primary mode of transportation is the railway system. Tokyo has the most extensive urban railway network in the world and an equally extensive network of surface lines. The metropolitan government and private carriers operate bus routes. Other transportation includes taxis operating in the special wards and the cities and towns. Also long-distance ferries serve the islands of Tokyo and carry passengers and cargo to domestic and foreign ports.

Many of Japan’s most prestigious universities are in Tokyo, including the University of Tokyo, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Waseda University, and Keio University. Tokyo is also the headquarters of the United Nations University.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange is Japan’s largest stock exchange, and third largest in the world by market capitalization and fourth largest by share turnover.

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